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Traveling to the Ship

Once you become a Carnival Team Member, you have to prepare for your journey. It's important to know how to be safe, prepare for immigration and customs and know what you need to bring with you. Be sure to review this information carefully!

  • Travel Safety Tips
  • Safety and security of our team members and our guests is our top priority. For many team members this is their first time away from home and the first time to experience airports, big cities and extensive travel. Following are a few guidelines to follow when traveling:
    • Carry only the money that you need and keep it safe and out of sight in public places.
    • Keep valuables secure at all times. Avoid wearing jewelry.
    • Never leave bags unattended.
    • Be careful in taxis and public transportation. Check your personal possessions before leaving the vehicle.
    • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
    • Do not accept to carry anyone’s luggage.
    • Avoid packing essential documents (passport, letter of employment, medicals, etc.) or medication in your check-in bags. Always keep them with you in your carry-on luggage.
  • What Happens At Immigration?
  • Upon arrival at the airport you will first need to pass through immigration before entering the United States. Have both your passport and employment letter ready to present to the immigration officer. 
  • What happens at Customs?
  • Along with your immigration documents have your Customs Declaration form ready to present to the customs official (this will be issued to you during your flight). Customs imposes a limit on items that you are allowed to bring into the United States. If you have any items over the customs limits, be sure to declare them. Do not to carry any illegal items or anything in excess of customs limits.

    Following are some regulations regarding items that cannot be brought into the U.S.:
    When entering the United States from any country, it is strictly prohibited to carry any animal products, animal by-products, fruit or vegetables. Items prohibited include, but are not limited to: fresh, dried and frozen meat, eggs, butter, soft cheese, yogurt and other dairy products.

    Whether flying into the United States to join the ship, or signing off the ship in a United States port, any team member found to be in possession of any prohibited animal products, animal by products, or fresh fruit and vegetables, will be fined $1000 on the spot. All prohibited materials will be seized and disposed off according to U.S. regulations.

    In addition, entering with prohibited items will result in significant delays of team members as they disembark airline flights and/or ships and substantial fines will be levied against our company.

    To help you plan ahead, you are welcome to check out the TSA prohibited items list and pack accordingly.
  • Transportation Upon Arrival
  • Hotel shuttles are provided at major airports from where confirmed crew are scheduled to join a ship at that U.S. port.

    We schedule crew to arrive on the same day of their assigned vessel’s departure whenever possible. However, depending on airline schedules, we occasionally allow team members to arrive in the U.S. one day prior to their embarkation date. This means you will have to stay overnight at a hotel located in the same port of embarkation or in Miami. We will give you information on this if it applies to you.

    The hotels offer transportation for team members from the airport to the hotel. Please refer to your hotel and transportation information sheet for instructions.

    Miami-area hotels also provide transportation from the hotel to the port the following morning. After you have collected your luggage, please call the hotels for transportation. Make sure to include the hotel's phone number in your contact information.

    You will need to identify yourself as a Carnival Cruise Lines employee when utilizing the hotel shuttle transportation and when checking in. You can do so by showing the driver your letter of employment along with your passport. Be sure to get your documents back after presenting them, and keep them in a safe place till you board the ship and hand them to the Human Resources staff onboard.
  • Staying at a Hotel
  • Once you arrive at the hotel, present your employment or re-employment letter to the hotel staff at the reception desk. The receptionist will then assign you to a room (hotel rooms may be provided on a shared basis depending on your position).

    At check-in, you will be issued with meal vouchers for the duration of your stay.

    The vouchers will cover you for breakfast, lunch and dinner (vouchers do not cover alcohol or personal expenses.)
  • Joining the Ship at Last
  • When you arrive at the ship, our Security personnel at the gangway will direct you on where you need to go.

    While boarding the ship, you need to have the following documents available to “sign on.” Please do not pack these items in your luggage, in case your bag doesn't arrive at the destination airport. 

    • Passport
    • POEA contract (Filipino crew only)
    • Original physical examination results
    • Original STCW Basic Training Certificate where applicable
  • Someone to Help on board
  • A representative from your department will help you find your way around the ship the moment you arrive. You will also be given an initial orientation, during which you will be provided information about safety, key locations onboard, meal times, facilities and some basic rules and regulations. Don’t worry -- it is natural to feel a little lost on your first day. If you have any questions ask any of your fellow team members who will be happy to assist you.