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When you are part of the Carnival family, you'll go places, across the world and in your career. Carnival has a wide variety of career options.  Hover over an area of the ship below to see available roles and click to learn more about the roles and responsibilities.

Youth Programs Information Systems Spa Deck Entertainment Medical Shipboard
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Casino Laundry Provisions Engine Auxiliary ServiceCulinary Arts Art Auctions
Art Auctions Carnival Art Auctions are operated by Park West. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for these roles.
Youth Programs The Youth Programs department provides a wide range of activities designed for children and teenagers. The Youth Programs Team is made up of the Youth Director, Club O2 Director, Circle C Director and Youth Program Staff.
Information Systems The Information Systems Manager is an officer who works with all onboard departments and shore-side IT support to maintain all hotel related systems, including guest-facing systems. The IS Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the onboard IT department including maintaining internal controls, data security, daily and weekly reporting and hardware and software inventories.
Spa Carnival’s shipboard spas are operated by Steiner Management. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for these roles.
Deck Our Deck Department is comprised of officers and team members on each ship who navigate our vessels, provide shipboard security, maintain safety, environmental health, and the non-mechanical portions of our ships’ exteriors and interiors. This department includes the Captain responsible for navigation and all aspects of the ship’s operation, as well as the safety and welfare of our guests and crew. It also includes the Staff Captain, Bridge Officers, and Maintenance Team Members
Entertainment The Entertainment department provides all the music, theatre and entertainment activities on board. Positions include Cruise Director, Assistant Cruise Director, Entertainment Staff, Musicians and Entertainment Technicians. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for these roles.
Medical There is an expereinced and skilled team of dedicated Medical staff on every vessel. The Medical team cares for all guests’ and team members’ health needs. Positions include Ship Physicians and Nurses.
Shipboard Human Resources The Shipboard Human Resources (HR) Department is responsible for the strategic implementation of our shipboard HR processes and procedures, training and development, crew onboarding and everyday crew needs including recognition, awards and crew recreation. Positions include the Shipboard Human Resources Director, Training and Development Manager, Manager of Staff Administration and Human Resources Coordinators.
Accounting The Shipboard Accounting team provides financial services and support to all shipboard operating departments, our guests and team members. Duties include research and analysis of revenue data, management and accounting of all ship’s funds and supplies, generating financial reports, administration of employee payroll and benefits related payments and maintenance of all shipboard financial systems.
Photo Our on-board Photographers are responsible for shooting, processing and selling digital photography on board, including guest pictures of embarkation, portraits, dining room, pool/deck, weddings and other celebrations. Responsibilities also include selling retail items such as cameras, batteries, digital media, folios, albums and more. Positions include Photo Manager and Photographers. All equipment is provided. Click the Apply Now button to contact the agency responsible for hiring for these roles.
Guest Services Guest Services are the frontline ambassadors of Carnival Cruise Lines and play a vital role in overall guest satisfaction. Duties range from assisting with guests’ onboarding and debarkation to resolving guest queries and complaints. Positions include the Guest Services Manager, Guest Services Supervisors and Guest Services Associates.
Shore Excursions The Shore Excursions Department provides exciting and unforgettable shore side and shipboard touring experiences for our guests. The Shore Excursions Department includes the Shore Excursions Manager, Assistant Shore Excursions Manager and Shore Excursions Associate.
Gift Shop The onboard Gift Shops are operated by Miami based Starboard Cruise Services. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for these roles.
Housekeeping The Housekeeping Department is the second largest department on board and works tirelessly to ensure cleanliness around the vessel as well as servicing our guests’ staterooms. The Housekeeping Department includes the Housekeeping Manager, Assistant Housekeeping Managers, Stateroom Stewards, Assistant Stateroom Stewards, Hotel Stewards and more.
Beverage Guest Services The Beverage Guest Service department is a team of lively, efficient bar staff who provide gracious and prompt service at all our beverage locations on board. Beverage Guest Service positions include Beverage Operations Manager, Assistant Beverage Operations Manager, Bartenders and Bar Waiters.
Restaurant Service and Food Operations Management Our Restaurant Service employees provide world-class food and beverage service while creating a fun, festive atmosphere in all of our restaurants on board. Positions in Restaurant Service include Maitre Ds, Assistant Maitre Ds, Hostesses, Team Waiters and Team Head Waiters. Food Operations Management employees are extremely quality conscious and use our accounting systems and practices to manage food cost structures and inventory management.
Fun Finds Shopping Expert Fun Finds Shopping Experts are staffed on Carnival ships by Onboard Media in Miami Beach, Florida. Experts excite and educate cruise guests about the shopping opportunities onboard and at retailers in the ports of call. They give presentations, including live and prerecorded shopping talks, hosted seminars and events, and gangway promotions. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for this role.
Casino Our casino team manages and operates the casinos onboard our vessels. Click the Apply Now button below to apply for these roles.
Laundry Working together with our Housekeeping Department, our Laundry Department is responsible for providing an efficient laundry service for our guests and team members. This 24-hour operation fulfills all on-board laundry needs including all bed linen, towels, restaurant linen and staff uniforms. Positions include Laundry Manager, Assistant Laundry Manager and Laundry Attendants.
Provisions The Provisions team is responsible for the receiving, storing, distribution and inventory of food, beverage and hotel supplies, central supplies, issues and returns, inventories and administration. Positions include Storeroom Manager, Storekeepers, Assistant Storekeepers and Butcher.
Engine The Engine Department on each ship is responsible for operating the ship’s engines and for maintaining the engine room, as well as all equipment on board. The Engine Control Room is staffed 24 hours a day by licensed engineers, who monitor all on board operating systems. Positions include Chief Engineer, Staff Chief Engineers, Engine Officers, Electronic Officers, Plumbers, Electricians, Oilers and Wipers.
Auxiliary Service Playing a key role behind the scenes, the Auxiliary Services department ensures Carnival Cruise Line’s high standards of public health and cleanliness are achieved by maintaining spotlessly clean service areas in all galleys and pantries on board.
Culinary Arts Our Culinary Arts team creates fresh, quality cuisine served around the clock on all our vessels. Culinary Arts includes positions such as Chefs, Sous Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Cooks.