Are you carnival?

Our promise to guests is to deliver fun and memorable vacations that they will treasure forever. This doesn't happen by itself. It's our team members who through their shared dedication and commitment, make our guests' vacation experience one of a kind. Not everyone has what it takes to be part of our team. Are you Carnival?

Exemplary Standards

Carnival team members are fully committed to delivering a great experience for our guests, at the highest level of service and safety at all times. We deliver fun to every guest, every day. Not everyone can meet our high standards. Are you Carnival?

Pride In Service

Customer service isn’t just an idea. It's what we believe in. We provide our guests with an experience they won’t get anywhere else. Team Members at Carnival love their work, and it shows. Not everyone has this pride in service. Are you Carnival?

Positive Personalities

We trust that you will approach us with a positive attitude, strong work ethic, sense of pride and teamwork that we've come to expect from all Carnival team members. Not everyone can put on a smile every day. Are you Carnival?

Fun Makers

We're all about delivering fun. Will you be an ambassador of fun for all of our guests each day? You will be working in an environment that allows you to be yourself. No other career can provide you the chance to get paid to be a "Fun Maker." Not everyone can have this much fun. Are you Carnival?
Carnival Values: are you carnival?

To consistently deliver

safe, fun & memorable vacations at a great value, we always...

  • Ensure SAFE, RELIABLE & SECURE operations.
  • Warmly WELCOME our guests & team members to our home, making them feel a part of the  CARNIVAL FAMILY
  • Show TRUST, CARE & RESPECT for each other, our ships & the environment.
  • ANTICIPATE needs, RESPOND rapidly & OWN issues until they are resolved.
  • Live & share a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.
  • Show PRIDE in our jobs & our company.
  • Include FUN in everything we do!